Babbel launches new global brand campaign

Babbel, the fastest way to learn a new language, has launched an extensive new branding campaign to position the Babbel brand globally, and showcase the core strengths of the Babbel App.

At the centre of the campaign is Babbel’s primary brand message: To help people speak a new language quickly and like they’ve always wanted to. Babbel makes this possible through an extensive selection of language courses developed by expert linguists, and with its focus on authentic conversations and guided learning.

“Babbel aims to get people speaking a new language as quickly as possible,” says Arne Schepker, CMO at Babbel. “Unlike buying a car, customers are more likely to make spontaneous purchases when it comes to online language learning. For us, it’s essential that we communicate what makes us unique in an accessible way, thus anchoring our customers’ awareness in the long term.”

Sophie Bodoh, Creative Director at Wieden+Kennedy who are working with Babbel on the campaign says, “Everyone has different motivations for learning a language, but we recognised one common truth that applies to every new learner: They have some kind of fantasy about what it will be like to speak a new language confidently. Using the familiar cinematic worlds of different countries, we show Babbel users playing out their own unique language-speaking fantasies.”

With the integrated campaign, which also extends to all marketing and communication channels, Babbel is taking an important developmental step away from Direct Response marketing toward initiating a more sustained brand impact. Babbel is already achieving between 50 to 80% brand awareness in its core markets.