Christopher Ward launches new digital platform with Tryzens

Date Published

British watchmaker Christopher Ward has launched a new immersive digital flagship that puts the customer experience at the forefront.

Built by SEP backed Tryzens and powered by Salesforce, the new website is geared towards making each customer visit as intuitive and enjoyable as possible. Whether customers are visiting from a mobile, tablet or desktop the experience is consistently seamless.

Building on its existing website, which typically saw 45,000 to 100,000 visits weekly across the UK and US, this new and improved version holds a wealth of information and content designed to assist customers in their journey to purchase. Each timepiece has both short and long descriptions which are complemented by beautifully clear photos and video assets.

The new site is also home to Loupe, an editorial section which holds in-depth articles on everything from pop culture and sport to pop music and film. There is also a ‘Find Out’ section which lifts the lid on the more technical elements of watchmaking.

Mike France, CEO and Co-founder at Christopher Ward says, “The ambitions we have for Christopher Ward requires us, as the world’s leading online-only premium watch brand, to deliver a world-class brand and shopping experience for our customers. Our new site is a huge step towards the achievement of those ambitions.”

Andy Burton, CEO at Tryzens, adds, “Christopher Ward is a great example of a British brand that has been able to deliver a digital experience that truly immerses the customer in the brand story. Now more than ever, it’s important for brands to remain competitive and capture the customer’s imagination – this new offering does exactly that while making it all transactional.”

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