Dotmatics acquires BioBright

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Dotmatics, the SEP backed scientific informatics software and services company driving the automation of laboratory data workflows for scientific discovery and innovation research, is acquiring BioBright LLC, a leader in automating the flow of data from laboratory instruments to a secure cloud.

BioBright is a privately-owned scientific lab data automation company based in Boston, MA, dedicated to creating the smart laboratory of the future driven by the move to data-centric research. The company’s solutions enable scientists to automate the collection of data from in-house and externally networked sources, and then standardise and analyse crucial experimental data with validation and integrity checks built in.

The acquisition will create a unique combination of lab data capture, data processing, electronic lab notebook and data analytics capability from a single supplier. All data will flow into a centralised informatics platform and through end-to-end workflows, allow scientists to increase lab efficiency and make better informed decisions. Successful transition to full digitalisation in the form of a fully integrated ‘Lab of the Future’ is recognised throughout the life science industry and other scientific industries, as being critical to turning around the productivity deficit in research. It will also provide the solid and secure data foundation which will be key to improving innovation through better informed decision-making for scientists aided by next generation AI and machine learning.

Dr Stephen Gallagher, Co-Founder and Chief Executive Officer Dotmatics, commented: “This is an exciting milestone in the history of Dotmatics and also hugely significant for our customers and the wider industry. For the first time world-leading informatics and lab data automation platforms are being brought together under a single vendor. Through complementary technologies, shared scientific expertise and industry insight, we will dramatically accelerate Dotmatics’ ability to innovate and drive lab data automation. We are delighted to welcome our new BioBright colleagues to Dotmatics and look forward to working together to create a game-changing solution for our customers’ journey towards the Lab of the Future.”

Further information on Lab of the Future can be found here.

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