Dotmatics announces major expansion of biologics capabilities

SEP backed Dotmatics, a leading provider of scientific informatics solutions and services, has announced a major expansion of its global biologics capabilities. As well as adding key personnel the company is expanding workflows that allow discovery teams to capture experiments, processes, and improve decision-support based on a more comprehensive view of project data.

The company has also announced further hiring in the biologics space including the addition of Andrew LeBeau, PhD, Senior Manager of Biologics Marketing.

“Pharmaceutical and biotech companies have greatly increased investments in the development of a variety of biologics and chemically modified biologics, but in many organisations informatics systems that can handle biologics have not kept up and scientists have become reliant on ad-hoc solutions such as ExcelTM, SharepointTM, paper notebooks and other point solutions,” said Andrew LeBeau. “The result is that many scientists lack the tools to efficiently track processes, experiments and entities to leverage the huge volumes of data being produced. We are addressing this vital need with a biologics suite and team of experienced and talented individuals.”

“While lab workflows are complex and a suite of products is required to capture workflows, the software cannot be equally complex or it will simply not be used,” said Stephen Gallagher, PhD, Dotmatics CEO. “We are offering the integration of application capabilities to minimize the number of user interfaces.”

The Dotmatics offering solves five major informatics challenges in biologics discovery including complex workflows, breadth of scientific data types, need for simplicity, access to data and analytics, and dispersed research environments.