Case studies

Indigo Pipelines

Indigo Pipelines is one of the fastest-growing independent gas transporters in the UK.

Working in partnership with SSE plc, Indigo adopts new gas connections from developers and house-builders throughout the country. Indigo is responsible for safely transporting gas through its networks to 180,000 residential and commercial properties across the UK on behalf of gas suppliers.

The company was established by SSE plc as SSE Pipelines in 1992. Since then it has grown its network of connections throughout the UK. In September 2014 the company was acquired by the Environmental Capital Fund, an infrastructure fund managed by SEP. SSE plc was retained as the operation and maintenance service provider to Indigo’s network.

On 5 November 2018, SEP announced that it had agreed to sell Indigo Pipelines to independent infrastructure asset manager, Arjun Infrastructure Partners. Subject to certain conditions, the transaction is expected to complete by the end of February 2019.

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