Ovarian cancer screening using Abcodia ROCA Test offered by BMI Healthcare

Abcodia has announced that its ovarian cancer detection tool, the ROCA® Test, will be offered by BMI Healthcare. The multimodal screening test provides new hope for women with ovarian cancer through earlier detection of the disease.

BMI Healthcare becomes the first UK-wide provider of the ROCA Test, a simple blood test that assesses the likelihood of a woman having ovarian cancer now. It is the first step in a multimodal assessment for ovarian cancer and is used to help healthcare professionals assess whether a woman should undergo additional, more invasive testing.

In the UK, only a third of the 7,000 women currently diagnosed with ovarian cancer each year survive the disease , mainly because its symptoms may not be identified as ovarian cancer until a later stage when this aggressive cancer is more difficult to treat. If caught early, 90 per cent of women go into remission, but this falls to just five per cent in advanced cases.

Dr Julie Barnes, CSO of Abcodia said:

“We are delighted to partner with BMI Healthcare to provide the ROCA Test as an integrated part of its testing services for women. This test will enable ovarian cancer to be diagnosed earlier, and may increase the probability of a woman making a full recovery from this devastating disease. We congratulate BMI’s staff for their leadership and commitment to improving the way ovarian cancer is detected and look forward to working with the BMI gynaecological consultants and screening clinics to ensure the delivery of a quality service.”

Nichola Evans, Group Director of Oncology and lead for BMI Healthcare’s ROCA testing, said:

“The ROCA Test enables us to detect ovarian cancer earlier, even where there are no apparent symptoms, and it is particularly useful for monitoring women who have a high genetic risk of the disease. By enabling earlier diagnosis, the ROCA Test will help us to treat women earlier than we can currently and, as a result, improve their chances of a full recovery. The recent results from UKCTOCS allows us to speculate that ovarian cancer screening using the ROCA Test will soon become as routine as screening for breast cancer.”