Pulsant collaborates with Microsoft to develop new hybrid cloud solution

SEP backed Pulsant, a leading UK provider of hybrid cloud services, has announced the official launch of AMP — a new hybrid cloud solution set developed in collaboration with Microsoft.

AMP combines private and public cloud services and uses Microsoft Azure technology to speed up digital transformation and business growth. The solution set further strengthens Pulsant’s capabilities around the delivery, support and management of Microsoft Azure, as well as the upcoming Azure Stack.

“Hybrid cloud is fast becoming the technology of choice for businesses, but there are challenges around migration and management of multi-cloud environments. As a result, the traditional IT supplier is almost a thing of the past. Instead, businesses are seeking strategic business partners who understand the environment, the technologies involved and have relationships with key industry partners to bring it all together,” says Stuart Nielsen-Marsh, Microsoft strategy director at Pulsant.

“Pulsant is firmly established as that strategic business partner, reinforced by the launch of AMP. We’ve been heavily hybrid centric over the last few years focusing on developing solutions for our customers targeted at delivering the benefits of cloud, while taking the complexity out of integration and management. It is this hybrid-focused approach that made us the complementary fit for Microsoft and has provided the foundation for our successful collaboration.”

Pulsant is one of a select few strategic hosting partners working with Microsoft and is a Microsoft Gold Partner and direct Cloud Solution Provider. Pulsant is also working with both Microsoft and Dell on the deployment of Azure Stack into one of its datacentres to create a Hybrid Cloud Centre of Excellence in the UK.