SEP renews its support for YPI in Glasgow

Date Published

Scottish Equity Partners (SEP) announces its continued support for the Youth and Philanthropy Initiative (YPI) as principal funder of the successful citizenship programme in Glasgow. SEP has supported YPI in Glasgow since 2017, empowering more than 5000 young people to raise awareness and funds for local charities tackling a range of social issues from mental health to poverty and isolation.

YPI gives young people the platform, time and skills development opportunity to become active citizens and philanthropists. The programme is designed for delivery in the curriculum within secondary schools and enables students across a year group to identify social issues within their community, learn the fundamentals of philanthropy and appreciate how charitable organisations function. In this uniquely delegated form of charitable giving, SEP is investing in both young people and in the wider communities making a difference to lives throughout Glasgow.

YPI is operational in more than 20 Glasgow secondary schools, with SEP providing funding support and invaluable staff engagement.

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