TotallyMoney wins Best Credit Report Provider award

SEP-backed TotallyMoney has been named Best Credit Report Provider at the 2018 Moneynet Personal Finance Awards. The award was given in the FinTech category.

Commenting on the win, TotallyMoney CEO Alastair Douglas said: “We’re focused on creating the best products for our customers. We receive a lot of feedback from them and it’s great to get recognition from those in the industry. We’ve a lot of planned for 2018 to make our service even better for our customers.”

Andrew Hagger, Chair of the Moneynet Awards judging panel, added: “TotallyMoney provides a vital service for consumers, offering them a regular update on their credit score and credit report — delivered directly to their inbox every month for free. As part of the service customers also receive a unique ‘Borrowing Power’ report, which pinpoints credit cards that they are eligible for and have a good chance of being accepted for without leaving a mark on their file. It’s important that consumers are given the right tools to help them understand and improve their underlying financial situation and TotallyMoney delivers on both fronts.”