Tryzens enters into e-commerce partnership with Poq

eCommerce and managed services specialist Tryzens has entered into a strategic partnership with app commerce platform Poq. The partnership aims to leverage Tryzens wealth of experience in the eCommerce market and bring the development on native, omni-channel apps to the mainstream retail market.

Poq, founded in 2011 by Øyvind Henriksen & Michael Langguth, provides retailers with a platform to innovate omni-channel apps whilst also offering them complete control over design and functionality. App commerce, a term coined by Poq, refers to omni-channel purchasing facilitated through apps both in-store and online.

“We are really excited to be partnering with Poq because we believe our partnership has the ability to drive real changes in the eCommerce market. Consumers are increasingly turning to their mobiles to browse retailer’s sites and purchase products. It is therefore vital that these apps are developed to a high standard,” says Greg Straw, Partner Manager, Tryzens.

“By partnering with Poq, we are able to offer the skills and expertise to help grow the demand for ‘app commerce’ provisions amongst our clients. In return, Poq will help Tryzens to bring a new offering to our clients that will strengthen their overall digital presence and help to further their omni-channel strategies.”

Poq, as opposed to other app providers, grants its clients complete control of app content and design, allowing them to offer fully customised, native iOS or Android apps. The platform enables companies to populate their app with store finders, shoppable lookbooks, barcode scanners, social network integration, Augmented Reality, eCommerce analytics and best-of-breed payment solutions. Poq also offers its clients performance benchmarking, helping them identify the best possible growth opportunities, and giving insight into what their customers really want.

Poq apps have shown to reliably double mobile conversion rates and engagement from mobile consumers across the platform. Poq has already built native shopping apps for retailers like House of Fraser, Radley, and fast fashion etailers Boohoo and Missguided.