What sets us apart

We place huge weight on building strong partnerships and enduring relationships with the founders and leaders in the companies we invest in.

Our investment strategy is embedded in our belief in the power of technology and digital transformation to create economic growth and prosperity.


We know what it takes

We have learnt a lot through 180 investments in businesses over the last 20 years. Draw on our extensive knowledge and network of experts in operations, finance and international expansion.


Hands-on collaboration

We are fully committed to every business that we invest in. Each member of our investment team works with only a few companies at a time, devoting significant energy towards understanding your business. Our knowledge, experience and entrepreneurial drive will help you achieve your ambitions.

global expansion

Beyond borders

Internationalising a business is a major step. The most rewarding challenges require careful preparation. Our investment network encompasses the world’s key growth markets. We will guide you on the best routes to take through this new terrain.

business growth

Scale-up specialists

Our mission is to support your growth, on your terms. We can also provide founders with some liquidity while they continue to lead and grow their businesses. We ensure management teams are equipped to create scale, without losing control of their destiny.

Value creation

Focused on results

Our strong performance comes from paying close attention to every step from initial investment to exit. We will help you focus on creating long-term, sustainable value, and ultimately to achieve a result that maximises value for all stakeholders.

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How we help:


Further, faster.

You need to nurture a high-performance culture across your business. From finance to sales, customer support and product development, we work closely with your operational teams, providing strategic guidance and practical assistance for long-term growth. With our unique European expertise and global networks, we are specialists in supporting businesses to internationalise and grow revenues from less than £10 million to £100 million and beyond.


Think long-term.

It takes effective, strategic planning and a keen sense of timing to achieve an exit that maximises value. When growing rapidly, operational demands tend to take priority, while exit planning is often overlooked. At SEP, we help you stay focused on value creation and sustainability, even as you deliver rapid growth. Our capital is patient and flexible, helping you accelerate while keeping the long-term perspective in view.


Build connections.

You need access to the right people at the right time. From talent to customers, to new markets and territories, we will connect you to the expertise you need. Our international network of more than 500 senior market participants includes expert operators, advisers, NEDs and founders. Our portfolio networking and sector specialist events facilitate the sharing of experiences and best practice. We can help open doors in Europe, the US, and Asian markets, to support your global expansion.


Nurture leadership.

Business success needs a strong leadership team. To transition from emerging technology leader to category winner, it is crucial to have a high-performing board with an entrepreneurial culture. A high quality board plays a vital role in laying the foundations for good governance and strategic direction. We work closely with founders, harnessing our wealth of experience to help them build strong boards and first-class management teams.


Sustainable investment.

At SEP, we believe no business can sustain itself long-term without considering how it impacts society and the environment. We are signatories to the UN Principles for Responsible Investment and are delivering on that commitment. Find out how we put sustainability first in our reports below.

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