Intelligent Reach

Intelligent Reach provides a SaaS solution for retailers and brands, helping them to improve visibility of their online products. The solution ensures that product information is relevant for online shoppers and performing well across 1,400 online channels and marketplaces, such as Google, Amazon and Facebook. The company’s software is used by more than 150 global brands, allowing them to continuously test and improve their product level marketing, and ultimately increasing their online conversion and revenue.

Our investment has enabled Intelligent Reach to build out its senior management team, and expand its product development, data quality and customer success functions. By accessing our network, Intelligent Reach has added software company scaling capabilities to its board, introducing a non-executive chairman and a chief operating officer. The company has expanded internationally in recent years, in particular, growing its presence in the Australian and Japanese markets.

“SEP brings an eye for detail but also a good broad strategic vision for the company.”

Robin Martin, CEO Intelligent Reach

UK, Australia, Japan
Exit date

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