Stuart Paterson

Stuart is a partner at SEP and was a member of its founding team.

Stuart is a partner and co-founder of SEP. For over 25 years he has specialised in investing in technology companies, with a particular focus on software businesses. He serves on the SEP investment committee and focuses on supporting the growth and successful exits of SEP’s portfolio companies. Throughout his career, he has been a board member for numerous high-growth SEP companies in the UK, Europe, and the United States. Currently, he sits on the Board of Dohop, a B2B travel software business based in Reykjavík, and chairs the Shareholder Committee of Babbel, a Berlin-based language learning app company.

Stuart has a strong investment track record, including SEP’s investments in global travel technology company Skyscanner, and the Bluetooth technology specialist CSR plc, which achieved a successful IPO and became a FTSE 250 company.  

Before founding SEP, Stuart worked in Corporate Finance at Ernst & Young. He is a Scottish Chartered Accountant (CA) and holds a joint degree in Accounting and Computer Science.