Global manufacturing data software platform with specialised industrial applications

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Global manufacturing data software platform with specialised industrial applications

Calum Paterson
Managing Partner, SEP

Braincube is a leading global manufacturing data software platform with specialised industrial applications. The company’s flexible software and proprietary AI empowers manufacturers worldwide to connect, digitise, and control production data to improve quality, productivity, and sustainability.

Braincube’s technology supports manufacturing companies to accelerate their Industry 4.0 initiatives. Using data automation and robust analytics tools, the platform allows manufacturers to seamlessly operationalise process optimisations, update production conditions from live data, and ultimately drive autonomous processes for tangible and immediate results. Production line optimisations, resulting from Braincube’s use-case driven framework have already saved customers more than $10 billion, and have reduced carbon emissions by 2.5 million tonnes.

Braincube’s customer base spans several manufacturing verticals, with a particular specialism in the food and beverage, paper and pulp, building materials, and tyres and plastics sectors. Customers include leading global manufacturing companies such as Bridgestone and International Paper.

Manufacturing data systems such as the Industrial Internet of Things (‘IIoT’), Digital Twins, and Industrial Analytics represent a multi-billion-dollar market opportunity, with Braincube demonstrating substantial growth and retention, particularly in Europe, the US and Latin America where the company has regional headquarters.

“At Braincube we envision a world where every factory can operate at peak efficiency. Our passion for industrial innovation and efficiency is aligned with SEP’s enterprise technology sector experience and interest in the digitalisation of industry. In SEP we have found a long-term supportive partner to help Braincube continue its global growth journey”.

Laurent Laporte, Founder and CEO at Braincube.

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