SEP helped CSR to capitalise on its world-leading expertise in Bluetooth technology and supported it through a successful IPO.

CSR’s single chip radio devices were used in a range of Bluetooth applications from phones to laptops and in-car communications systems. SEP led a £15m pre-IPO investment and a listing on the London Stock Exchange followed in 2004 with a market cap of £240m. Shares rose 240% on the first day of trading and the company entered the FTSE 250 3 months after listing. In 2005 the company shipped its 100 millionth chip and by 2006 was valued at £2 billion and had 800 employees in 10 countries.

The company was subsequently acquired by Qualcomm Inc, a world leader in wireless technologies. CSR is now a diversified platform provider at the centre of the Internet of Everything.

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