Smarter Grid

Smarter Grid Solutions’ technology increases the capacity and resilience of electricity grid infrastructure, helping utility clients avoid or defer significant network upgrade costs and facilitating the connection of renewables and storage. Using real-time management of the electricity network, SGS’ innovative software allows network operators to run closer to the limits on existing grids, while reducing waiting times for renewable developers to connect new generation technologies.

Operating globally from bases in the UK and USA, its enterprise software platform, ANM Strata, is deployed by world-leading utilities including Southern California Edison, UK Power Networks, Western Power Distribution, and Tucson Electric Power.

In 2021, SGS was acquired by Mitsubishi Electric Corporation, and its subsidiary Mitsubishi Electric Power Products, Inc.

“We are delighted to have supported Smarter Grid Solutions as it has expanded its partnerships with utilities and operators across the UK and US and enhanced its reputation as a leading provider of active network management software. The acquisition by Mitsubishi Electric is a great strategic fit, opening up further opportunities to accelerate the deployment of SGS’s innovative technology and we wish the team continued success with this exciting next stage of growth.”

Gary Le Sueur, Senior Adviser, SEP

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